Historical collection

The historical collection comprises some 160,000 objects dating from the Early Middle Ages to the present day. Three large complexes which came to Bern as a result of either wars or battles form the core: the Burgundian booty from the battle of Grandson (1476) and two church treasures from Königsfelden Abbey (conquest of Canton Argovia 1415) and from the Cathedral in Lausanne (conquest of Canton Vaud 1536). The inventory of the Bern Arsenal was added early on, as were the remains of the Bern Cathedral treasure. The collection storage comprises 3800 m² and is an archive of material relating to the entire history of the state and the city of Bern up to the present day. The often extraordinarily good condition of the individual artefacts makes this collection unique.



The historical collection includes treasures that are impressive due to their aesthetic quality on one hand and the workmanship and artistic and technical skill of the craftspeople who made them on the other. The objects are also of significant value as carriers of the various experiences and emotions of their former owners. The biggest challenge is to anticipate which of our modern objects will be of any interest to future generations and should therefore be collected.