Fragile treasure – Conserving court textiles (2012– )

Watch over the shoulders of our textile conservators as they work, and see just how 15th century tapestries are preserved for future generations. 

Light, dust, pollutants and movement damage textile fibres, making them brittle with age. It is therefore a great challenge to have them permanently on display. Before we bring our Caesar tapestries back into an exhibition, it is essential to inspect their current condition and document it. After that, measures to conserve them will be decided on. For this purpose a temporary workshop, measuring about 190 m², has been set up, where our textile conservators will do their documentation and conservation work. 

Watch this work through a large window, and in the accompanying part of the exhibition find out about the background to the project and the individual steps of the planned procedure. Every last Friday of the month at 2 p.m. our experts will be there to answer your questions.